Gift Guide for the Chef


If you follow along with me on Instagram stories, you know that I love to cook and try out new recipes for B and I! That’s why to kick off my holiday gift guides, I had to start with gifts for the chef! Here are some serious swoon-worthy tools and gadgets for the cookie enthusiast!

  1. Wusthof 8 Piece Knife Set – We received this knife set as a Christmas gift a few years back, and I’ve never had a better set of knives. They cut like a dream – which is super important when you are a person that cooks a lot. No one has time to use dull knives!
  2. Dutch Oven Cook Book – This is an item that I want to learn a lot more about. I think dutch ovens are super cool. I think any cooking enthusiast would love to experiment with one and try out these recipes!
  3. Anova Sous Vide Cooker – Legit bring the world class chef skills to your home with this nifty gadget! You can set the time and temperature and cook your food in a sealed bag right within your pot. How cool is this?!
  4. Dutch Oven – Speaking of learning to use a dutch oven, this one is a classic. You can’t beat a Le Creuset.
  5. Over the Sink Colander – The only kind of strainer anyone should buy! So easy to use. I need to upgrade our boring plastic one for this one ASAP!
  6. Kitchen Aid Mixer – Cause you’re not a true baker unless you have one of these. I’m not huge on baking like I am cooking, so I don’t have one. But hey, even if you don’t bake, how cute is this on your counter?! #extra
  7. Multi Cooker – The key to steaming successfully! This 4 piece set is a must if you like to cook pastas, potatoes and veggies. We have one and I love ours!
  8. Poultry Shears – I mean, self explanatory right?! I hate cutting chicken with a knife. I need these shears!

These are a few of my top picks for the chef in your life! I’ve also linked some other awesome gadgets and appliances below. Happy shopping (and cooking)!

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