Erin Elizabeth of Wink and a Twirl with husband celebrating Valentine's DayErin Elizabeth of Wink and a Twirl with husband celebrating Valentine's DayErin Elizabeth of Wink and a Twirl with husband celebrating Valentine's Day

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Oh, sweet Valentine’s Day we meet again. Over the years, my view of Valentine’s Day has slowly begun to shift. That’s not to say that I don’t still appreciate a lovely bouquet of flowers or a night out on the town to celebrate. It’s just that each year that I spend with my husband, the more I want us to celebrate our relationship daily. No, we don’t sit and acknowledge this day in and day out, but I am becoming more aware of how we can celebrate our love through our actions and conversation. There doesn’t need to be a special day of the year where we show one another “more” love and appreciation for one another.

Life is fast paced and busy. We fall accustomed to our daily routines and it almost seems as if we are on autopilot at times. I swear there are days that I can’t even recall what all we did and how much we spent really taking the time to engage and spend quality time with one another. We may have been together, but were we present and attentive the whole time? In today’s changing society, this is even harder than ever.

One of the greatest books I have ever read is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. In this book, you are introduced to the five different ways that we want to be loved and which is most important to us as individuals:

Words of Affirmation 

Acts of Service

Quality Time

Giving Gifts

Physical Touch

Yes, we all require a little bit of each, but if you really think them over, I bet there are one or two that really speak to you and what makes you feel most loved. It’s so important to take the time to learn what love language your spouse or significant other speaks. Once you discover what that is, you can begin to play it out in your everyday lives together. However, it’s something that should be discussed together. How can the other person know what that type of love looks like without really grasping your expectations and desires? It’s such an amazing experience and one that is beneficial and important. This will allow you to not just celebrate each other on Valentine’s Day, but on a daily basis. It’s so exciting to learn something new about one another no matter how many years you have been together.

This Valentine’s Day, dive into your relationship. Learn about one another and celebrate your love on the daily!

“Love a person the way they need to be loved, not the way you want to love.

It’s not about you. Love is selfless, not selfish.”

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