Erin Elizabeth of Wink and a Twirl shares the perfect travel style and travel gifts

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B and I touched down in Seattle last night and checked into the Thompson Seattle. It’s a gorgeous hotel in the heart of downtown Seattle. It’s swanky and modern. It gave us all the city feels! Last night, we enjoyed a night out in the city and are currently headed to the mountains for the remainder of our trip. Stay tuned!

Due to our travels right now, I thought today would be a great time to share my Gift Guide for the Traveler. All the traveling necessities rounded up for you! Happy Shopping!

Erin Elizabeth of Wink and a Twirl shares the perfect gifts for the traveler in her Gift Guide for the Traveler

Here are all my top picks for the perfect travel gifts for all the ladies (and gents) that love to travel!

  1. Drybar Traveling Set – This is the perfect set to take with you on your next trip! Shampoo, conditioner, a heat protectant spray and their coveted Triple Sec texturizing spray! It’s all you need!
  2. Portable Charger – This is the charger you need for traveling! I did a lot of digging, and this baby has the best reviews on Amazon!
  3. Passport Holder – Cause who doesn’t want a sparkly cover for their passport and boarding ticket rolling up to the gate!
  4. Traveling Liquid Bottles – How cute, right?! These are darling for traveling with your own liquids you can’t live without. Plus, they have a carrier! Such a cute gift!
  5. Throw and Face Mask – This is exactly what you need on those long car rides and flights. Plus, made by Ugg? You know it’s so soft!
  6. Calpak Packing Cute Set – The perfect way to keep your belongings organized and free from being jumbled in your suitcase!
  7. Go Pro Camera – The perfect way to document your trip! This little camera is all you need to capture all of your amazing adventures and memories!
  8. Calpak Suitcase – I legit love this line of suitcases! I have this exact bag (and the larger one too) and love it!
  9. Bose Wireless Headphones – Sleek, pretty and with quality sound! I have always been a customer of Bose. They make the best products hands down!
  10. Evian Travel Spray – The perfect way to freshen up after your long journey!
  11. Compact T3 Drier– The perfect traveling tool you are missing out on. I only use T3 styling products. I need to add this traveling tool to my arsenal!
  12. Slippers – Can you imagine wearing these in the car on on your next flight?! Yes, please!
  13. Emergency Kit – All the things a girl may need when they are on the go and traveling! A must for your tote bag!

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